Bowing and Skewness in the Fabric

Bow: When weft yarns are even at two edges but arched across the middle is known as Bow. Bowing is

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The History and Versatility of Wool

Wool: A Versatile Fiber with a Rich History Wool is one of the most versatile fibers in the world, and

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Stitching Sustainability: UN SDGs and the Evolution of Ethical Garment Manufacturing

Introduction In recent years, the global garment industry has undergone a transformative shift towards sustainability, aligning itself with the United

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Revolutionizing Fashion with Generative AI: A New Era of Creativity and Efficiency

The fusion of generative AI and the fashion industry heralds a groundbreaking

Unraveling the Unsustainability of Recycling PET in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry has long been grappling with the environmental consequences of

Understanding Denim Weight: A Comprehensive Guide to Denim Fabric Weights and How to Calculate Them

Denim fabric weight is an important factor to consider when choosing the

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Elevating Fashion Excellence: A Deep Dive into Consumer-Based Quality Scoring Systems

How to Implement and Thrive in the Consumer-Centric World of Apparel Manufacturing and Retail In today's ever-evolving world of fashion

Prakash Dutt Prakash Dutt

Elevating Apparel Manufacturing: The Role of QFD in Modern Apparel Manufacturing

Applying the QFD Approach to Revolutionize Apparel Manufacturing In today's fast-paced fashion world, meeting customer

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Calculating Thread Consumption

It is important to know the amount of thread consumed in a sewn product so


Needle Cut & Holes in Garments

Holes and needle cut is a commonly faced problem during garment manufacturing. Specially the garments

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Automated Optical Fabric Inspection

Fabric contributes to approximately 50-60% of the total garment cost, making it crucial to the entire garment production process. Garment

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Important Websites And Blogs For Apparel And Textile Professionals

If you are textile industry personnel, students and enthusiasts to learn more and looking for insightful, practical and useful Apparel,

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Coats Seamworks 3™

Coats Seamworks 3 is an innovative desktop software package designed to help you accurately calculate


Down Jacket Basics Part -1

As you are already aware that A down jacket has been insulated with the soft

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COP 26: How Fashion Is Increasing Climate Efforts

The United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP26) was held in Glasgow, Scotland, last week.


Quality Assurance Vs Quality Control

What is Quality Assurance? Quality assurance can be defined as part of quality management focused

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Pro-Active Sewing Line Set up

Imagine the situation when you are setting up a sewing line for your new style


The Impact of Clothing Brands’ Purchasing Practices on Garment Workers in Bangladesh

As consumers, we often take for granted the clothes we wear and the people who


Dürkopp Adler 971-01 Sewing unit

The 971-01 is a rotary sewing unit for runstitching and subsequent trimming of cuffs of


How to Calculating Production Floor Capacity

Production Floor Capacity Calculation The capacity calculation is an important topic in the garment industry.


Calculating Garment Thread Consumption

Sewing thread plays a very important part in apparel manufacturing. You have to calculate sewing