How to Calculate Button Size

This article will explain How To Calculate Button Size by Ligne. You will learn how to take measurements of various button shapes and sizes and translate the button size from cm/mm to ligen and vice versa.

What is Button Size?

Button sizes are recognized worldwide with “L” or “ligne” which is a French term to measure length. A ligne measurement starts at 1 and is abbreviated to 1L. ligne is a linear unit (1/40 inch) used to measure diameter of buttons. The L is measured in 0.025 millimeters or 0.635 inches. The L is measured across the diameter of the button using the widest portion.

Button sizes can vary from 10L (6.35mm to 0.25mm) up to 60L (38.1mm to 1500mm) or larger.

How to Measure Buttone Size?

The most common way to measure button size is with a vernier caliper. A vernier caliper is a tool used to measure round and cylindrical objects. Its adjustable jaws hold your button in place and can get an exact measurement.

  • If you’re using a round button:- the button measurement is the diameter of the button.
  • If you’re using the shaped button (oblong or an oval):- the button measurement will be the longest edge or diameter.

Most vernier calipers use metric and imperial measurements. Not ligne, unfortunately. So if you’re working in ligne, you’ll need to convert your button sizes.

With the help of the below method you can calculate button size easily Before calculating the button line we should know the following details:

  • 1 inches = 40 ligne = 2.54 cm,
  • 1 ligne = 0.635 mm

So If the Button measurement is 15 mm (vernier caliper or tape reading)

  • 1 ligne = 0.635 mm
  • Button die (in mm) / 0.635 = button ligne
  • 15 mm / 0.635 = 23.62 = 24 L
  • Button Size = 24 L

You can also calculate button diameter from button size (ligne)

Button diameter = Button Ligne X 0.635

23.62 (24) X 0.635= 15 mm

Button Size Metrix

Button measurement chart/Button Size chart to scale

Line                      InchesMillimeters
14-line 0.3629.2mm
18-line 0.45711.6mm

I hope this button size and button measurement details will be helpful and you will be able to calculate the size and measurement of any button.

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