Automatic Jeans Pocket Setter With Two Machine Heads

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Pfaff automatic jeans pocket setter is a compact and elaborate unit in which ensures consistent high quality and high output. Forms and templates are easily interchangeable within a few minutes without any tool. The sewing head and hook (XL hook) are synchronized by the electrical axis. The 3589 is equipped with an integrated folding station and a stacker. A light barrier curtain ensures the highest safety standards.

An operator can start using this machine with minimum training. With an output of 2,600 medium sized pockets (with 350 stitches) in 8 hours, the machine is one of fastest and most productive in the world. At 4000 s.p.m, and a cycle time of 9.2 seconds, the machine speed remains constant – even when sewing through corners! Fold, sew, done!


  • Consistent high quality and high output – also when using two machine heads with separate colored threads
  • Forms und templates may be easily interchanged within a few minutes
  • Sewing head and hook (XL hook) are synchronized by the electrical axis
  • The intermittent material feed reduces hook wear to a minimum and allows stitch lengths of 12,7 mm
  • The machine is equipped with an integrated folding station and a stacker
  • Sewing parameters can be changed via the touch control panel
  • Processing of pre-folded pockets is possible
  • Decorative stitches are also possible (using either or two heads)
  • On customer request: watch pocket version
  • USB-port to download programs and software updates
  • Performance: up to 1,300 pairs in 8 hours (2,600 medium-sized pockets with 350 stitches)


Automatic creasing and attaching of pockets in jeans, workwear…


Needle system: 134 SUK/SERV 7
Needle size: 120 – 140 Nm
Max. stitch length: 0,5 – 12,7 mm
Max. sewing speeds: 4.000 s.p.m
Max. Sewing area: 300 x 300 mm
Stichtyp: 301 (Lockstitch)
Connection voltage: single-phase a.c. 230 V, 50/60 Hz

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