Dürkopp Adler 971-01 Sewing unit

The 971-01 is a rotary sewing unit for runstitching and subsequent trimming of cuffs of shirts and blouses. The cut cuff parts are fed by the operator, runstitched, and then trimmed and stacked. In the meantime, the operator can continuously feed the sewing unit with further material.

unstitching and subsequent trimming of cuffs of shirts

  • Runstitching and trimming of cuffs
  • A guide rail for narrow trimming in curves or corners is optionally available
  • Continuous clamping of the fabric (no holding required)
  • Easily adjustable material clamps for various sizes
  • Depth adjustment for material clamps
  • Easy conversion of the material clamps to various shapes
  • Integrated stacker for small parts
  • Double-sided suction unit for cutting waste Monitor for needle thread and bobbin thread Typical field of application
  • Runstitching of cuffs in shirts and blouses Performance features
  • approx. 3,000 cuffs / 480′

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