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Quality Assurance Vs Quality Control

What is Quality Assurance? Quality assurance can be defined as part of quality management focused on providing confidence that quality

Prakash Dutt Prakash Dutt

Needle Cut & Holes in Garments

Holes and needle cut is a commonly faced problem during garment manufacturing. Specially the garments with knit/jersey fabric, lightweight fabrics,

Prakash Dutt Prakash Dutt

8 Wastes of Lean Manufacturing ‘TIMWOODS’

One of the most fundamental criteria for developing a successful firm is eliminating unproductive tasks (wastes). This concept is a

Prakash Dutt Prakash Dutt

Failure Mode Effect Analysis

In the highly demanding and competitive fashion apparel world where the profit margins are shrinking and buyers are placing increased

Prakash Dutt Prakash Dutt

The Quality Quiz

General knowledge about the apparel industry, quality assurance, and the like may not be of much use in everyday life,

apparelscience apparelscience

Understanding the Ishihara Test: A Key Tool for Detecting Color Blindness

In the realm of eye health, accurately diagnosing color vision deficiencies, such as color blindness, has historically been a challenge.

Prakash Dutt Prakash Dutt

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