Prakash Dutt

Prakash is an accomplished apparel professional with extensive experience in apparel manufacturing, sourcing, quality control, sustainability, and CSR.He is a lean management professional (black belt in lean six sigma), innovative and open to experimenting with new technology and changes in the industry.
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Breaking Down the Hidden Costs: Unveiling the True Price of Poor Quality in Garment Manufacturing

Introduction In the world of garment manufacturing, quality plays a crucial role in determining the success of a brand. Poor

By Prakash Dutt 8 Min Read

Elevating Apparel Manufacturing: The Role of QFD in Modern Apparel Manufacturing

Applying the QFD Approach to Revolutionize Apparel Manufacturing In today's fast-paced fashion world, meeting customer expectations is paramount. But how

By Prakash Dutt 4 Min Read

Elevating Fashion Excellence: A Deep Dive into Consumer-Based Quality Scoring Systems

How to Implement and Thrive in the Consumer-Centric World of Apparel Manufacturing and Retail In today's ever-evolving world of fashion

By Prakash Dutt 10 Min Read

How to Implement the Best Quality Control System for Your Garment Manufacturing Company

In the garment manufacturing industry, quality control is a critical factor for success. Implementing a robust quality control system ensures

By Prakash Dutt 4 Min Read

Clean Energy for Fashion Sustainability: Fighting Climate Change with Renewable Resources

Climate change is a major issue affecting the world today. The usage of fossil fuels is a major contribution to

By Prakash Dutt 2 Min Read

What is Business Social Compliance Initiative – BSCI

BSCI :- What is Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI Certification) The BSCI is a European social monitoring system for ethical

By Prakash Dutt 7 Min Read

Difference Between Conventional Cotton, Organic Cotton, and BCI Cotton

Cotton has been used in clothing and textiles for thousands of years. Even though synthetics have surpassed cotton in the

By Prakash Dutt 8 Min Read

SA8000 Standard For Garment Industry

What is SA8000 The first global and voluntary ethical standard on corporate social responsibility is called social accountability (SA8000). The

By Prakash Dutt 6 Min Read

How to Use AQL in Garment Industry?

What Is AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) AQL is an abbreviation for Acceptable Quality Level. When it comes to quality in the

By Prakash Dutt 9 Min Read

Nine Pillars Of The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4.0) in Apparel Industry

Industry 4.0 is a game-changer in manufacturing environments. The digitization of production would transform how goods are manufactured and sold

By Prakash Dutt 13 Min Read

The 7 QC Tools For Quality Management

Quality management is an integral factor in the growth and sustainability of any business. Efficient quality management, which has the

By Prakash Dutt 15 Min Read

Understanding the Ishihara Test: A Key Tool for Detecting Color Blindness

In the realm of eye health, accurately diagnosing color vision deficiencies, such as color blindness, has historically been a challenge.

By Prakash Dutt 9 Min Read