Do You Have a Perfect Color Vision? Check With Ishihara’s Colour Deficiency Test

In old times, there was no proper way of testing the eyes of any person.

Top 10 Interview Questions for Apparel/Garment QA/QC Team: Assessing Competency and Skills

Quality control and assurance are critical components in the apparel/garment industry. These processes ensure that

How Can The Garment Factories in Bangladesh Build Better From COVID-19?

The ILO, in collaboration with employers and business membership organizations (EMBOs), hosted a virtual roundtable

Achieving Superior Quality Control with AQL – Acceptance Quality Limit

Introduction Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL), the cornerstone of effective

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Failure Mode Effect Analysis

In the highly demanding and competitive fashion apparel world where the profit margins are shrinking and

Quality 4.0 :- Technology and Data-Driven Quality Management

Over the last decade, manufacturing practices, processes, and technologies have undergone significant changes. These modifications have

The Quality Quiz

General knowledge about the apparel industry, quality assurance, and the like may not be of much

Unraveling the Unsustainability of Recycling PET in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry has long been grappling with the environmental consequences of its practices, particularly concerning plastic waste. While recycling

By apparelscience 4 Min Read

JUKI Corporation and YKK Co-Develop Automatic Machine for Sewing Zippers into Jeans Flies

JUKI Corporation and YKK Corporation have jointly developed an automatic machine for sewing zippers into the flies of jeans. The

By apparelscience 2 Min Read

Elevating Fashion Excellence: A Deep Dive into Consumer-Based Quality Scoring Systems

How to Implement and Thrive in the Consumer-Centric World of Apparel Manufacturing and Retail In today's ever-evolving world of fashion

By Prakash Dutt 10 Min Read

WHOLEGARMENT: 3D-knitted Zero Waste garments

No sewing, no seams, no stitches. That's seamless. A specific knitting technology that uses specialized circular looms to develop garments

By Prakash Dutt 17 Min Read

Fabric Defects

In garment factories it very common that the garment quality inspectors are also responsible for fabric inspection. I experienced it

By apparelscience 1 Min Read

Stitches and Seams

Today most retailers and global manufacturers are communicating Stitch / Seam Specifications using the Stitch identification numbers, SPI specifications, and

By apparelscience 1 Min Read

Understanding Denim Weight: A Comprehensive Guide to Denim Fabric Weights and How to Calculate Them

Denim fabric weight is an important factor to consider when choosing the right denim for your project. In this guide,

By apparelscience 6 Min Read