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Top 10 Interview Questions for Apparel/Garment QA/QC Team: Assessing Competency and Skills

Quality control and assurance are critical components in the apparel/garment industry. These processes ensure that

apparelscience apparelscience 7 Min Read

SA8000 Standard For Garment Industry

What is SA8000 The first global and voluntary ethical standard on corporate social responsibility is

Prakash Dutt Prakash Dutt 6 Min Read

“Green Button” Germany’s New Sustainability Standard

In 2019, the German government introduced the Green Button. It is a government-run certification label

apparelscience apparelscience 5 Min Read

Needle Cut & Holes in Garments

Holes and needle cut is a commonly faced problem during garment manufacturing. Specially the garments

Prakash Dutt Prakash Dutt 1 Min Read

How to Implement the Best Quality Control System for Your Garment Manufacturing Company

In the garment manufacturing industry, quality control is a critical factor for success. Implementing a

Prakash Dutt Prakash Dutt 4 Min Read

EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles: A Game Changer for the Textile Industry

The European Parliament, in its plenary session on 1 June 2023, took a significant step

apparelscience apparelscience 7 Min Read

Quality 4.0 :- Technology and Data-Driven Quality Management

Over the last decade, manufacturing practices, processes, and technologies have undergone significant changes. These modifications

apparelscience apparelscience 11 Min Read

Automatic Jeans Pocket Setter With Two Machine Heads

Pfaff automatic jeans pocket setter is a compact and elaborate unit in which ensures consistent

apparelscience apparelscience 2 Min Read

H&M Group and Bestseller to Build Bangladesh’s First Offshore Wind Project

Sustainable fashion takes a giant leap forward with Bangladesh's groundbreaking wind project.

apparelscience apparelscience 4 Min Read

Pro-Active Sewing Line Set up

Imagine the situation when you are setting up a sewing line for your new style

Prateek Prateek 5 Min Read

Understanding Denim Weight: A Comprehensive Guide to Denim Fabric Weights and How to Calculate Them

Denim fabric weight is an important factor to consider when choosing the right denim for

apparelscience apparelscience 6 Min Read

Debunking Sustainable Fashion Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction

In the world of fashion, there are many misconceptions about sustainable fashion that need to

apparelscience apparelscience 9 Min Read
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9 Point Calibration of Needle/Metal Detection Machine

In the garment and apparel industry, metal detecting machines are generally utilized to detect needles

apparelscience apparelscience 3 Min Read

5 Steps to Assure Garment Quality: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction Welcome to the comprehensive guide on assuring garment quality. The importance of producing high-quality

apparelscience apparelscience 4 Min Read

Unraveling the Unsustainability of Recycling PET in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry has long been grappling with the environmental consequences of its practices, particularly

apparelscience apparelscience 4 Min Read

Understanding Twill Fabric: Properties, Characteristics, and Use

Twill Twill is a textile weave that features diagonal parallel ribs. It is one of

apparelscience apparelscience 10 Min Read

Failure Mode Effect Analysis

In the highly demanding and competitive fashion apparel world where the profit margins are shrinking

Prakash Dutt Prakash Dutt 7 Min Read

COP 26: How Fashion Is Increasing Climate Efforts

The United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP26) was held in Glasgow, Scotland, last week.

apparelscience apparelscience 9 Min Read

Stitches and Seams

Today most retailers and global manufacturers are communicating Stitch / Seam Specifications using the Stitch

apparelscience apparelscience 1 Min Read

The History and Versatility of Wool

Wool: A Versatile Fiber with a Rich History Wool is one of the most versatile

apparelscience apparelscience 7 Min Read

Quality Assurance Vs Quality Control

What is Quality Assurance? Quality assurance can be defined as part of quality management focused

Prakash Dutt Prakash Dutt 7 Min Read