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5 Steps To Assure The Garment Quality

Assume you’re a customer at a clothing store where you shop frequently. You buy a size medium jacket, expecting it to fit like a previous medium-sized jacket you purchased there. When you get home, however, the shirt does not fit as expected. You’re going to return the shirt, right? You might even be hesitant to return there in the future....

Folders and Binders Guide 0

Folders and Binders Guide

Folders are the additional attachments for sewing machines and used frequently in factories to maintain quality, improve productivity and to reduce operator training time. It helps to achieve accuracy and consistency in the operation. We collected some videos which can help you to select correct folders for your garments. There are 29 videos in this playlist, please click the playlist...


Nine Pillars Of The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4.0) in Apparel Industry

Industry 4.0 is a game-changer in manufacturing environments. The digitization of production would transform how goods are manufactured and sold and the way in which products are serviced and processed. On this basis, it can genuinely claim to mark the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution. While the First Industrial Revolution was set in motion by steam, the Fourth Industrial...