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How to Use AQL in Garment Industry?

What Is AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) AQL is an abbreviation for Acceptable Quality Level. When it comes to quality in the garment export sector, one of the most commonly used terms in AQL (Accepted Quality Level). The majority of acceptance decisions for apparel/garment shipments for the export market are based on AQL-based sample strategies. In the garment industry, before accepting finished items...


Bangladesh : 171 Green Garment Factories

As per the BGMEA sustainability report 2020, Bangladesh has the highest green garment factories certified by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) globally. Bangladesh’s RMG industry has more than 140 green garment factories and more than 500 green garment factories in the pipeline to achieve a green factory status.


5 Steps To Assure The Garment Quality

Assume you’re a customer at a clothing store where you shop frequently. You buy a size medium jacket, expecting it to fit like a previous medium-sized jacket you purchased there. When you get home, however, the shirt does not fit as expected. You’re going to return the shirt, right? You might even be hesitant to return there in the future....


GPT And FPT Testing

What Are GPT and FPT? GPT and FPT are terms that are frequently used in the garment and textile industries. Basically, the GPT term is most commonly used in the garment industry, while the FPT term is most commonly used in the textile industry. We can easily understand GPT and FPT after reading this article. Each buyer establishes guidelines for...


Bangladesh Ranks Second In Supply Chain Ethical Practices

According to a first-quarter report released last week by supply chain audit firm QIMA, Bangladesh ranked second in a list comparing ethical auditing practices of major countries undergoing industrialisation, and that too during the 2020 pandemic period. For the country’s placement, the Hong Kong-based entity cited good practices by local suppliers in the global supply chain. The survey was primarily...

Folders and Binders Guide 0

Folders and Binders Guide

Folders are the additional attachments for sewing machines and used frequently in factories to maintain quality, improve productivity and to reduce operator training time. It helps to achieve accuracy and consistency in the operation. We collected some videos which can help you to select correct folders for your garments. There are 29 videos in this playlist, please click the playlist...