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How to Calculating Production Floor Capacity

Production Floor Capacity Calculation The capacity calculation is an important topic in the garment industry. For industrial engineers, supervisors, and

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The Quality Quiz

General knowledge about the apparel industry, quality assurance, and the like may not be of much use in everyday life,

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Automatic Jeans Pocket Setter With Two Machine Heads

Pfaff automatic jeans pocket setter is a compact and elaborate unit in which ensures consistent high quality and high output.

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Bowing and Skewness in the Fabric

Bow: When weft yarns are even at two edges but arched across the middle is known as Bow. Bowing is

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Important Websites And Blogs For Apparel And Textile Professionals

If you are textile industry personnel, students and enthusiasts to learn more and looking for insightful, practical and useful Apparel,

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9 Point Calibration of Needle/Metal Detection Machine

In the garment and apparel industry, metal detecting machines are generally utilized to detect needles and small metal parts that

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Fabric Defects

In garment factories it very common that the garment quality inspectors are also responsible for fabric inspection. I experienced it

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Dürkopp Adler 971-01 Sewing unit

The 971-01 is a rotary sewing unit for runstitching and subsequent trimming of cuffs of shirts and blouses. The cut

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Juki LK-1903 WITH ASK

Button Sewing with Automatic button feeder device

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JUKI Corporation and YKK Co-Develop Automatic Machine for Sewing Zippers into Jeans Flies

JUKI Corporation and YKK Corporation have jointly developed an automatic machine for sewing zippers into the flies of jeans. The

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Calculating Garment Thread Consumption

Sewing thread plays a very important part in apparel manufacturing. You have to calculate sewing thread consumption for costing as

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Coats Seamworks 3™

Coats Seamworks 3 is an innovative desktop software package designed to help you accurately calculate your thread usage and cost.

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