Monthly Archive: July 2021

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SA8000 Standard For Garment Industry

What is SA8000 The first global and voluntary ethical standard on corporate social responsibility is called social accountability (SA8000). The standard was first published in late 1997, and it was later revised in 2001. Its goal is to ensure ethical sourcing and production of goods and services by ensuring the rights of workers involved in production processes and promoting workplace...


Fashion Transparency Index 2021 Shows ‘Very Slow Progress’

Fashion Transparency Index 2021 According to the Fashion Transparency Index 2021, the majority of the world’s largest fashion brands and retailers earned less than 23% overall transparency for their supply chain, carbon emissions, livable wages, and purchasing practices. The vast majority of big fashion firms (99%) do not reveal the number of workers paid a living wage in their supply...


A Plant-Based Nonwoven Fabric for Sensitive Skin

Suominen, a Finnish nonwoven fabric company, has introduced Biolace Ultrasoft, a nonwoven fabric for personal care and infant items manufactured from plant-based biodegradable and compostable raw ingredients. Biolace Ultrasoft is the most recent addition to Suominen’s sustainable product portfolio, and it is a continuation of the Biolace product line, which was introduced over a decade ago. Biolace Ultrasoft was created...