How to Calculate Button Size

Calculating Button Sizes Button Size Button sizes are recognized worldwide with “L” or “ligne” which is a French term to measure length. A ligne measurement starts at 1 and is abbreviated to 1L. ligne is a linear unit (1/40 inch) used to measure diameter of buttons. The L is measured in 0.025 millimeters or 0.635 […]

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Calculating Garment Thread Consumption

Sewing thread plays a very important part in apparel manufacturing. You have to calculate sewing thread consumption for costing as well as for the procurement of thread before starting the apparel production. It is really important to calculate correct thread requirement to avoid any excess/shortage during the order execution. There are two common methods for […]

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Calculating Thread Consumption

It is important to know the amount of thread consumed in a sewn product so you can: 1) estimate the number of cones needed; and 2) calculate the cost of the thread needed to manufacture the finished product. Thread consumption can be determined in several ways. To calculate the amount of thread in a seam, […]

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