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Unlocking Efficiency: Smart Solutions for Reducing Fabric Waste in the Cutting Room

Introduction In today's fast-paced fashion industry, reducing waste and improving efficiency are key challenges that manufacturers face. The cutting room, where fabric is transformed into garment pieces, plays a crucial

By apparelscience 7 Min Read

Pro-Active Sewing Line Set up

Imagine the situation when you are setting up a sewing line for your new style and you find out the delivery schedule is tight and some important trim has still

By Prateek 5 Min Read

Quality 4.0 :- Technology and Data-Driven Quality Management

Over the last decade, manufacturing practices, processes, and technologies have undergone significant changes. These modifications have the potential to resurrect their engineering and manufacturing activities. This phenomenon is known as

By apparelscience 11 Min Read

Coats Seamworks 3™

Coats Seamworks 3 is an innovative desktop software package designed to help you accurately calculate your thread usage and cost. It features a simple to use interface and allows generic

By apparelscience 2 Min Read

Productivity and efficiency calculation

Productivity calculation Most of the industrial engineers calculate worker/line efficiency on the basis of SAM value and actual productivity (per hour productivity of a operator/line). Below are the simple methods

By Prakash Dutt 1 Min Read

Fabric Defects

In garment factories it very common that the garment quality inspectors are also responsible for fabric inspection. I experienced it many times that there is no adequate training and tools

By apparelscience 1 Min Read