Monthly Archive: March 2020


Luxury Fashion and Streetwear.

Luxury Fashion has always been identified by Exclusivity. And this exclusivity is often maintained by a high price point and by offering products that convey the taste and the status of the owners. It was niche and chic so to say. But, we have noticed a stunning shift in the past decade where Luxury fashion allowed itself to be influenced...


Automatic Jeans Pocket Setter With Two Machine Heads

Pfaff automatic jeans pocket setter is a compact and elaborate unit in which ensures consistent high quality and high output. Forms and templates are easily interchangeable within a few minutes without any tool. The sewing head and hook (XL hook) are synchronized by the electrical axis. The 3589 is equipped with an integrated folding station and a stacker. A light...


Bowing and Skewness in the Fabric

Bow: When weft yarns are even at two edges but arched across the middle is known as Bow. Bowing is a condition in the woven fabric where filling yarns are displaced from a line perpendicular to the selvages and lie in an arc across the width of the fabric. Bowing appears as rows of courses or yarn-dyed stripes forming a...