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One of the drawbacks of online clothing shopping is not being able to try on the clothes to see if they fit. When we splurge on clothes we see online, we frequently end up getting a size that is too small or too large. As a result, we either return the item in exchange for a different size or give it away. This is a hassle for both the buyer and the company because it wastes money, resources, and time.

This issue is caused by the fact that different brands have different sizing standards. In fact, sizing standards between brands may differ to such an extent that a person may fit into a size small for one brand but require a size large for another. Another factor is that most customers do not bother looking at the sizing chart because they are unsure of their true measurements. employs a Deep Learning function to generate a 3D human body model for comparison with their partner company’s database of sizing charts, fits, and sewing patterns. It is compatible with any store that has the app integrated.

Based in Germany, they serves well-known clothing apparel brands in that country as well as throughout Western Europe. Its online sizing tool has given half a million recommendations to happy customers. Instead of second-guessing ambiguous size charts, customers simply click on the “find my size” button, answer basic questions such as their height, weight, and gender, and upload a video of themselves if desired, and the algorithm then provides their best size for that product.

How It Works

The app scans shoppers’ bodies to provide the best size recommendations. There is no need to strip naked because the scanning works even with tight-fitting clothes on. The user will see a button on the brand’s website that will direct them to’s mobile app to help them find their size. It will request information such as their age, fitness preference, gender, height, and weight. Following that, the user will need to scan themselves by using their phone’s camera and performing a 360-degree turn. As a result, the shop’s website will provide the user with an accurate size recommendation not only for the item they’re interested in, but for the majority of the products on the website.

There’s no need to panic if you’re concerned about your privacy. assigns an anonymous ID to each user, ensuring that no personal information is stored and that the user’s face is blurred out during the video scan. The video will be deleted as soon as the measurement extraction is completed. The only data saved in their system would be the ID and measurements.

Data Enggenring

Presize, combine, and augment multimodal data from multiple sources, and acquire new labeled data every week to improve our algorithms. It scrapes the website for sizing charts and product information using Hyper Support and integrates it into the Presize database. The initial product data requirements are extremely minimal. Generic size charts are adequate for providing accurate size recommendations, and previous returns from similarly shaped users help us improve future size recommendations. Any additional information improves our results even more.

The Size-ID is the key to a perfect fit for the end-user. It’s anonymous, shareable, and doesn’t require user registration – Presize just stores the information in cookies for up to 90 days. Alternatively, the user can register in order to keep their ID for the rest of their lives. As users are guaranteed the perfect fit every time, brands recurring customer base will continue to grow. Presize allows brands to display only those products that are available in the shopper’s size, and customers can even order products based on their body shape. It also gives brands unprecedented access to hyper-targeted retargeting options based on user body’s recommendations.

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