Improved clothing patterns helps adidas cut waste

Improved clothing patterns helps adidas cut waste

The design teams behind the Running and adidas by Stella McCartney ranges have changed the way they make patterns, improving the pattern efficiency and reducing fabric waste.

The adidas by Stella McCartney range, which employs a few different colours and incorporate a 95% organic fabric, now uses cutting techniques that ensure 95% of the fabric used goes into the final product, with the remaining 5% recycled or repurposed.

The Running apparel range was also designed to reduce material use by using square and rectangles in the main pattern and ensuring a performance fit with stretchy inserts. Through changing the pattern, the team was able to increase pattern efficiency to 96% - meaning 96% of the fabric on the cutting table was used in the product.




Craig Vanderoef, business unit director, global running at adidas said: “At adidas we are constantly striving to make our products better, not just by increasing performance, but by continuing to develop how the products are made. Our goal, when designing these ranges, was to maximize pattern efficiency while being as resourceful and creative as possible. We have created products that are high performing, and stylish that also reduce waste.”


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