How To Use AQL Table

The AQL tables will help to determine the sampling size according to your ordered quantity and specified level of severity. You can choose Levels I, II or III, with Level III being the most stringent testing and Level I being the least. The standard level, most commonly in the apparel industry is the Level II. Though this is up to the client, but it is the most recommended level.

In order to find the necessary sampling size to be inspected, you must first look at the first chart and find on the left side the range of items being produced in total. For example, if you are inspecting 10000 pcs, at Level II you have the letter L, which in the second table corresponds to a sample size of 200.

See the below image, On the top of the second chart are the defect levels, ranging from 0 to 6.5 ( higher values out of the chart, because they are not relevant for buyers of consumer goods).You can choose different level to apply for critical, major and minor defects for example  critical 0, major 1.5 and minor 4.

​So in  200 pcs. Sample size the acceptance limit will be


Critical: -  Accept:- 0          Reject:- 1

Major   :-  Accept:- 7           Reject:- 8

Minor   :-  Accept:- 14        Reject:- 15

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