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Calculating GSM without GSM Cutter

Its easy to calculate GSM with the GSM Cutter and GSM scale. But what if you don’t have gsm cutter ??

There is a easy way to calculate GSM without GSM cutter and using any digital scale.




1.       Mark 10X10 cm block on the fabric




2.       Cut  10cmX10cm block



3.       Measure weight of this block in grams.  (you got fabric weight per 100 square-centimeter)



4.       Convert fabric weight into grams per square-meter. (GSM cutter is a circular cutter which cuts 1/100 of a square meter of fabric area)


5.       Multiply above weight by 100. This will be GSM of the fabric.

1.46 X 100 = 147 GSM


For closer accurate result pls test with multiple samples (5-6 blocks/samples) and calculate average GSM. 

To verify the result we compared our result  with GSM cutter and diff was only .2g .




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