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Coats flamepro – an innovative family of Flame  Resistant (FR), Electric Arc and Cut Resistant yarns

Coats new range of flame, arc and cut resistant yarns for weaving and knitting is now available. A large range of counts are available in ring and vortex spun technologies. We offer singles and multi ply sold on cone or dye cheese. You can purchase the products in d natural, yarn dyed or spun from dope dyed fibres. These yarns are produced at our state of the art facilities in Bursa, Turkey and Sevier, USA.



      Main Uses


  •   Firefighter turnout gear

  •   Firefighter stationwear

  •   Military combat uniforms

  •   Riot police gear

  •   Oil and gas shirts, trousers, coveralls

  •   Electric arc shirts, trousers, coveralls

  •   Cut protection gloves / sleeves

  •   Flame resistant undergarments

  •   Flame resistant straps and harnesses

  •   Molten splash garments

Features & Benefits




  •   Custom blends up to five fibres

  •   Large selection of fibre types

  •   Ring and vortex spun

  •   Yarn dyed and dope dyed colours available

  •   Scientific approach to blend engineering which avoids extensive trial and error sampling

  •   Coating systems available


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