Calculating Stitching Floor Capacity

For supervisors and production managers is very important to know the floor capacity to plan their production efficiently.  Calculation of capacity is extremely straightforward however you should know the line efficiency.

The other important factor to calculate floor capacity is manpower absenteeism %.

Sewing room Capacity per Day= {(No. of machine x daily work hours x 60) – absenteeism %} x Efficiency %

(You can calculate efficiency in minutes or hours.)

Monthly Capacity = Daily Capacity X No. of working days in a month

To calculate the floor efficiency, first line wise efficiency should be calculated and the sum of this will be the floor efficiency.

Example: A sewing floor has 6 lines, works for 8 hours day. Absenteeism and efficiency specified underneath in the table.

Line NoTotal OperatorsDaily working hours x 60AbsenteeismLine EfficiencyLine Capacity
Calculation:- line one :- {(40×480)-7%}x60% = 17865×60% = 10713

In above example the floor capacity is 51998. If you have the SAM value of the product you can represent capacity in the pieces also. Just divide the total capacity by SAM value .

For instance, the SAM estimation of a pant is 35, So the floor will produce 51998.4/35 = 1486 Pcs each working day. 


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